Hey there!

Somehow you found yourself on this page.

I’d assume you’re a business owner on a mission to skyrocket profits by finding and speaking to your audience of one using 21st century’s most effective marketing machines: kickass contents and strategies.

Well, you’re at a haven and I’d do just that to your business, not less.

I’m going to allow you peep into the business, Growth Blueprint, what it is we do and why we exist.

We’re Phillip and Mayowa, both B2B writers, Inbound Marketers, Content Strategists and together, our works have been published on some of the world’s biggest content publishing websites such as The Huffington Post and Life Hack.

No, not because we wanted to prove anything or consider ourselves talented in any way, but so that we could help as much businesses as we could.

And if you’re lucky, maybe yours too.

So, our works with some of the world’s biggest publications have exposed us to the size of an audience we could only dream of.

And the result?

An influx of happy clients.

Before the conversation shifts to how we may be of help to your business, let us remind you three things any business needs in order to sell online.

I call them “The big THREE Ts”

And they are:

1) The right Product— really, this is a no-brainer.

There is something you’re offering for money: a product or service. Much of this is your homework.

And if you don’t have one already?

There are thousands of online business you could delve into.

Start by reading this article. I recommend it to anyone who’s interested in having an online business but have no clue how to go about it.

You may come back when you have one and we will help you refine it just like crude oil.

2) The right Exposure

Having a great product isn’t enough.

You remember Henry David Thoreau?

He once spoke a word of wisdom we believe in:

“Whatever it is you’re selling, don’t forget  to make it worth the other person’s while.”

Which a lot of people don’t seem to get.

Have you experienced someone pitching a seemingly cool service that you don’t need to you?

You’re like, “Dude, it’s cool, but I don’t need it; you may try the other guy”

We have both been the other guy; the clueless marketer.

Our services aim to expose you to that one-guy who needs your service and willing to fork out some dough for it.

3) The right Customers.

Here is one thing that’s sad but true about me.

There are hundreds of free cool tools and services I use.

The experience goes like this.

I find or someone tells me about an app.

I subscribe to the trial.

Most times, I’m like “This is really cool, I love it”

Then trial expires, I’m asked to pay to have access to the full version or something.


Then all of a sudden, the financial intelligence in me kicks in.

I go, “Yes, I like it, but I can’t afford it.” Or worse, “I can always find an alternative that’s cheaper.”

There are millions of people like this.

Finding those who need your services is a different thing altogether from finding those that can afford you.

Think of Apple, many would die to have their products, but not everyone can afford them.

Now, imagine Apple marketing to the wrong crowd.

You will always (almost) need to be psycho-tactical to make people deep hands into their pockets to buy from you.

As for us;

We exist exactly for those reasons.

No business survive without getting all of those three Ts right.

Most businesses focus on the first one and leave out the other two, or in some cases, get the last two right and do a poor job at the first and so on. Do you get the point?

Our business is built to help you get those three things right, using appropriate strategies.

Basically, we believe in the power of words and we’ve found it to sometimes be the missing link when a product or service fails to sell.

This comes in various forms: either in web copywriting or simply blogging to attract customers.

A quick peep into our backgrounds…

  1. This is not our first time of working on a business together. We don’t always get it right, but hey, people listen when we talk.
  2. We both believe in customer’s right to purchase or not. Therefore, making it worth the other person’s while.
  3. Between us, we share over a decade of writing experience.
  4. Phillip enjoys reading and writing short fictions and when he’s not doing that, he enjoys coding.
  5. Mayowa believes there is a thin line between working too little and too much. Both are bad, period! This approach to work has helped him to create a work-life balance which allows him time for what matters.
  6. Wait a minute, he also thinks to get enough sleep is key to productivity.
  7. We both agree that most of our past businesses failed because some of our marketing tactics were, in one word, bizarre.
  8. Until now marketing was once a biggie for us.
  9. And by the way, lastly, we are both humans, so feel free to get in touch.

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